NJ teen sues parents: The Public’s Response

bDevelopments unfold regarding the NJ teen who is suing her parents for financial support. Sources have just confirmed that her request for immediate financial assistance has been denied. Legal analysts believe that her denied request may be associated with her relation to the presiding judge, who happens to be her father.

In addition, rumors indicated that she may be countersued by her parents, based on the grounds of being a complete and utter bitch.

What are your thoughts about the case?

Jeanette S. Hicks, 33, store clerk
“I wonder if she had to borrow money from her parents to pay for the lawyer.”

Christopher D. Leger, 25, human rights activist
“Is it too late for an abortion?”

Ann J. Hughes, 51, homemaker
“I find it to be so heartwarming that kids nowadays take their education so seriously.”

Jenny McCarthy, 41, Autism Specialist
“Did she get vaccinated as a child? You see what I’m saying, first autism, now this.”

*Image attribution:
“Flickr College Girl” by Stellas Dolls. This image has not been altered.

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