The Public’s Response


The public’s response to the article entitled, Research confirms that dinosaurs were just really ugly people (click here for article).

  • John M. McCollister, age 48, preschool janitor
    “So it’s ok if I get sexually aroused when I see a picture of a Brontosaurus?”
  • Ilene C. Kinney, age 23, college student
    “Finally, the debate between evolution and creationism is over!! Phew, finally I can get some sleep!!”
  • Amanda M. Bodden, age 51, mother
    “Does this mean that for the past six years my son has dressed up as an ugly person for Halloween?”
  • Allen M. Walker, age 47, accountant
    “Now do you understand why I divorced Suzann?”
  • David B. Worley, age 32, bartender
    “Ugly people can fly??!!!”

*Image attribution
“Flickr dinosaur” by rob pickin. This image has not been altered.

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  1. This was some funny sh..t. Actually all post are quite funny, good blog.

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