Turkish citizens fight Twitter ban

twitterThis past Thursday Twitter was officially banned and taken offline in Turkey. Since then, thousands of Turkish citizens have been tweeting their thoughts about their inability to use this social media outlet.

President of Turkey,  Abdullah Gül, recently tweeted, “Twitter is illegal and corrupt, but Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are all still pretty cool.” President Gül also stated, “Don’t forget the history of Twitter, it is platform which has been used for exploitation, manipulation, and is associated with horrific persons who have committed atrocious acts.”

What President Gül is referring to is the multitude of horrendous events, which were made by possible through the use of Twitter. Following are some examples of historical tweets which have impacted our society:

Adolf Hitler, 1932: “He guys, I’ve got a super fun idea!!”

Kim Jong-il, 2014: “Human rights? LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!”

Saddam Hussein, 2003: “Hidin’ in a hole…just hidin’ in a hole…nothin’ to do…just hidin’ in a hole.”

Joseph Stalin, 1945: “Plain old killing is getting boring, I think I might start using ice picks and mustard gas bombs to spice things up #ImDaMan #Creativeideas #Should_I_shave_my_mustache?”

Attila the Hun, 438: “Oh sweet I just got nicknamed ‘Attila the Scourge of God!’ I should drink people’s blood more often! Hold on I gotta go update my Facebook profile.”

God, Unknown: “How do I make it so everyone can read what I wrote. Oh, wait, did I hit the right button? Can you guys read this? I don’t get this thing.”

All in all, the Turkish government might be doing the right thing. I think we can all agree that this statement, by a Turkish government official, reveals what’s on all our minds:

“Ne yapiyorsunuz yatak? Buradan çıkan! Burada nasıl ikna ettiniz? Hayır istemiyorum yorum Twitter şey. Ve hayır, bu benim karım. Lütfen kimseye söyleme karım. Istediğiniz için Yapın seks sakin?”

Image attribution:
Flickr Twitter” by Tiago Custódio.

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