Miss America going to prom?

prom660Fox News recently reported (click here for full story) that 18-year-old Patrick Farves was suspended for three days for asking Nina Davuluri to prom. Ms. Davuluri, who was recently crowned Miss America 2014, was visiting Patrick’s high school to talk about the importance of science, technology, engineering and math studies.

In order to further investigate this issue, our sources visited Patrick’s high school and spoke with several students and teachers:





Donald Jenkins, Patrick’s principal:

“You want to know why I suspended him? I called dibs on her like three weeks ago, and he still had the audacity to ask her out first. I was going to ask her over the intercom and everything.”









Judith Wilson, school counselor:

“Look at the poor boy. Just look at him. Instead of suspending him, we need to find a nicer way to tell him that he’ll never get any kind of date with an attractive woman like that.”









The only two male teachers:

“Best. Day. Ever. God I hope she comes back.”





Andrea Maskell (second from left), 3rd most popular girl at Patrick’s high school: “Umm…I heard that Miss America is already going with Erik McKinney. I mean like, he’s the captain of the football team, he can go with whoever he wants.”

Sherry Smith (far left), 2nd most popular girl at Patrick’s high school: “OMG…WTF…what did Andrea say?? Erik is totally going with me. We’re like, gonna get married and have a ka-trillion babies.”

Callie Gilbert (far right), #1 most popular girl at Patrick’s high school: Sources were unable to locate Ms. Gilbert; however, it was rumored that she was making out with Erik McKinney in the school parking lot.

The other two girls (second and third from the right) are reportedly not popular so our sources didn’t bother talking to them.

In the end, our sources confirmed that Miss America will be attending the prom with Erik McKinney. Although upset, Patrick told sources that he will now have to resort to his second and third choices, Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba.


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