Local boy experiences difficulty mowing lawn


Eleven-year-old Tommy Schmidt was recruited by his neighbors to mow their lawn while they were on vacation. Although Tommy was up to the task, our sources have confirmed that he’s a little confused about the concept of “lawn mowing.”

Thus far, Tommy has mown their lawn 23 times within a six-hour period. When confronted by our sources, Tommy stated, “The grass is still there. I don’t think I’m doing it right. This cutter thing is supposed to cut all the grass away. Maybe I just need to do it a few more times.”

Rather than embarrass Tommy and inform him that he’s wasted an entire afternoon, our sources agreed and told him that it usually takes anywhere from 40-50 times for all the grass to go away. Also, it wasn’t until the 13th attempt that Tommy realized he had to turn the mower on to achieve results.


Image attribution:
Flickr 138 – First Mow” By Melanie Holtsman.

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  1. AS an extra move Tommy to kitchen for dish washing and explain the process also takes a while like cutting grass.


  2. hahaha 🙂

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  3. persistence is a virtue 🙂

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