Study shows that polar bears do not actually prefer Coca-Cola products

Contrary to Coca-Cola’s popular commercials, a recent study demonstrated that polar bears actually prefer fresh blood from a recent kill to a bottle of Coke. After presenting the polar bears with either an injured seal or a refreshing bottle of Coke, all polar bears opted for the injured seal. The research team stated that they plan to extend these findings to whether Bengal tigers prefer Frosted Flakes over a herd of deer.


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  1. Speaking as an injured seal, I find this type of humour abhorrent. Not only have we (as a species) been totally passed over by advertisers in the last decades but the sodding polar bears have taken all the top slots.
    I lost part of my flipper in an argument last night over ownership of a trout. Coca Cola should be ashamed.

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  2. It’s my understanding that they also favor the taste of the person handing them the bottle to the contents of the bottle itself.

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