Research shows small dogs annoying no matter how far you punt them

Recent research shows that no matter how far you punt a small dog, it will immediately return to you and continue to be annoying. The researchers plan to continue this line of research by investigating whether or not the dog will continue its annoying demeanor based on how hard they are punted, ranging from a soft kick to a full-on NFL style punt.


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3 replies

  1. Oh, the poor things! Though I am not a dog person myself, I think punting, etc, is too cruel.

    How about just building a small platform on the poles, well enclosed and with every facilities, that would satisfy even the ladies, and put them there, WITHOUT any way for them of getting down? Haha!

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  2. This one looks freakishly like Simba. The stupid Shih Tzu with the colossal attitude problems (concentrated in this ponytail).

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  3. It helps to punt them over bodies of water infested with crocodiles.

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