Local public speaker still speaking

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 2.41.01 PMSources reported that Bob Thomas, a local community leader, is still speaking about public matters. He has been speaking for about seven hours now and the audience is confused as to whether or not the speech will end. Audience members stated that he keeps saying, “and in conclusion,” and “so to wrap things up,” but he just keeps on talking. Other statements overhead by sources included:

“I wish I could hear what he was saying. Why did I sit in the back?”

“Man I really shouldn’t have left the stove on.”

“Nobody can talk that long. I think he’s a robot. Yeah he’s a robot.”


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3 replies

  1. Bob Thomas sounds a lot like my Mother on the phone, lovely lady though. And if I may…Filibuster.

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  2. Maybe he has a case of filibuster. I hear that’s a contagious disease that started in Washington.

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