Local fat guy accidentally eats Hispanic child at Mexican restaurant



Sources reported that local fat man, Tom Morris, accidentally ate a small Hispanic child at a Mexican restaurant, where he frequently dines.

Mr. Morris stated that the child looked exactly like a burrito and that he’s really sorry. The parents stated that their child was wearing tight fitting jacket and is in fact Mexican, so they can understand why Mr. Morris mistook their child for a burrito.



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15 replies

  1. Wonder did the child give him heartburn? They’ve been known to cause it from time to time.

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  2. Did the kid have a sour look on his face? I hate sour cream in my burritos, but I understand that some fat people really love it.

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  3. He should come to India and try some local cuisine here šŸ˜€

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  4. Makes no sense!

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  5. LMAO. This is so hilariously stupid. I love it. At least the child’s parents understood his mistake.

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  6. Have you been hacked…?

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