Man & woman plan to attend couples therapy for first date

angry-woman-on-couch-with-manBill Thatcher and Margaret Jacobs were recently set up by mutual friends and although they have not yet met, they decided it would be best to attend a couples therapy session for their first date.

Mr. Thatcher stated that he briefly talked to Ms. Jacobs on the phone to schedule their date and she seems “a little neurotic” and “self-absorbed.” He told sources that he is worried she will not be able to fully devote herself to the relationship. Ms. Jacobs agreed that there will “definitely be issues” between them and that it just “seems like that kind of relationship that will need a lot of therapy.”


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  1. Ha ha ha hilarious! Why not find someone you are more suited to rather than trying to “fix” someone to make them “fit” Acceptance is a hard concept to learn 🙂


  2. I don’t know….seems a little strange

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  3. What a wonderful idea. Consider how many marriages could be prevented with just a little therapy.

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