Dad continues to dwell on that one time he was right

Sixty-eight-year-old Patrick Stevens, local husband and father of two, continues to dwell on that one time in 1994 when he was apparently right during a family debate. His wife and children stated that although Mr. Stevens has been wrong the remaining 3,762 times, he continues to use that “one freaking time” to back up his arguments.


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  1. A man has a right to be right at least once in his life. His wife and kids should leave the poor guy alone.

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  2. That is my Dad. In all truth, Dad actually said this article would one day appear on a web page called DailyMangeToutblog. But we still gave him the credit.

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  3. How did you get hold of a picture of my dad…?

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  4. Well at least he was right once. Actually he has been right all along for letting the other fools think they are right. They probably let him be right when poor dad has to “write” all the checks.

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  5. Patrick should read ‘How To Be Right All of The Time’ by Sepp Blatter. To buy this book send cash in brown envelopes to FIFA, Switzerland

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