Frugal man celebrates birthday in Party City store









Derek Hall, a local 31-year-old man who is reportedly a complete asshole when it comes to spending money, stated that he will celebrate his upcoming birthday at a local Party City retail store. Mr. Hall told sources, “It will be perfect, we can put on the the party hats and play with all the party stuff and then when the party is over we just put them back on the shelves. Bam, didn’t have to spend a single penny.”

Mr. Hall found out that the maximum capacity for the Party City store is 180 occupants, so he will probably invite 200 or so since some people will not attend. He also told sources that instead of purchasing a birthday cake, he went to Costco and just got all the free samples he could from the bakery department.

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  1. Reblogged this on Trip Traveler and commented:
    You’re all invited to my next party. Be sure to arrive after hours to ensure less interruption from those annoying store clerks.

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  2. I feel stupid. Spending my money on invites and stale cake.

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