Man accidentally shops at Baby Gap


Forty-one-year-old Tom Evans told sources that “clothing sizes aren’t what they used to be.” Apparently, Mr. Evans went to The Gap to buy new clothes, but accidentally entered Baby Gap instead. He said that he tried on several clothing items but even the largest sizes were too small. He also expressed confusion about sizes with the letter “T” in it.

Although employees at the store were aware of the problem, they did not tell Mr. Evans due to their enjoyment watching him try to fit into toddler clothes. Mr. Evans finally purchased some cute onesies that he was able to squeeze into and stated, “Well, I didn’t know onesies were the new style, but hey I really like the one with the cute little yellow ducks on it.”

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  1. Seriously?! Jesus.

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  2. Reblogged this on Trip Traveler and commented:
    Wonder if he got a discount?

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