Local Mexican man hires himself to do his own landscaping

Local Mexican man, Jose Pichardo, told sources, “I require yard work done, but I don’t know anyone to hire.” Once he realized that he’s actually a landscaper, he hired himself.     Image attribution: “Flickr landscapers 018-2013-05-17” by Tim Evanson. This… Read More ›

Redisign of the SAT

The Onion recently posted an article entitled, Changes To The SAT, which provided a comprehensive list of the various changes that have been made to the standardized test. Recently, The College Board decided upon the following additional changes: Due to… Read More ›

Demon in the back seat?

New developments unfold regarding the story of Ebony Wilkerson, the mother of three who drove her and her children into the ocean. Police are currently investigating her claim that she was protecting her children from “demons.” Lead detective, Gary Mansell, told… Read More ›