Man buys trail mix knowing he will just eat M&M’s

trail mix
It was recently reported that 38-year-old John Thomas purchased a 6.8 lb economy size bag of trail mix, fully knowing that he will just eat the M&M’s. Mr. Thomas stated that although there are probably like 20 M&M’s in there, the cashier is going to think he’s really healthy and will probably want to date him. Mr. Thomas was also seen purchasing a $2800 treadmill, which he said he will convert into a couch so that he can sit and watch tv while he eats his M&M’s.



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  1. Gulp…. guilty!! πŸ˜€ very entertaining post!

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  2. Update: I was in Hershey Pennsylvania this week end a month ago and went to the park. I saw the ” Counter girl” aka ” Cashier” I said, I know you,Surely!” She said, ” I Don’t have time for romance, and stop calling me Shirley!”
    But our hands touched as I was reaching into her bag of trailmix.
    Oh she loves you, Big River, take me down to New Orleans!
    Short story long. We went to see MATRIX 911 and from there we went to the waterboarding exhibit and from there we went to Dallas and stood on the Grassy Knoll together. We carved our intitials into a nearby tree and left M&M ( our initials) after we posted bail, we decided to investigate the “empty book store”
    She picked up an empty bag that appeared to have had at one time…Trail mix in it.
    “It is a frame up!”, I exclaimed, there was no “trail mix”back then. We went from there to the theater. They were showing JFK911.
    Ok, so now you know the girl is a little strange.

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  3. My Dear Potato, John Thomas is evidently a very wise man.

    I would like to buy a $2800 treadmill, though I am short by just about 2799 dollars!


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  4. OR you could just buy the M&M’s in their “purity” and skip the trail mix, thereby attracting your correct “couch potato” girl rather than trying to convert a more “pristine” cashier lady? I dunno… but ladies like chocolate. I don’t think you need to add trail mix. πŸ™‚

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  5. Why would he buy that stuff just to get the M n Ms? I was training a Magpie to bring those to me she found. Haven’t seen her in a while. If you see her she answers to HERSHEY.

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  6. His courtship sounds awesome!

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  7. I’ve also heard that Mr. Thomas bought a squeeze ball, claiming he would use it for grip exercises, but which he also plans to use for throwing at the dog when it begs for M&Ms.

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  8. I hear that barbells and a squat stands are good for air drying laundry.

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