Man has heart removed in order to help decrease risk of future heart attack

Dan Grayson, 42, recently decided to have his heart removed in order to reduce his chances of having a future heart attack. Although Mr. Grayson is in perfect health, he told sources, “Well, you can never be too sure. My stepfather died of a heart attack, so I know it runs in the family. I figure if I just remove the whole thing, it’ll cut my chances down by at least like 50%.”

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  1. Heart covered, with Ideas for the Brain; but what is he going to do about Colds, Head aches, Ulcers, Kidney stones, so many things. …We have to remind him that he can use his method over Large areas indeed! 🙂

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  2. Thus further explaining the influx of heartless humans roaming the earth

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  3. Ha! Thinking of Angelina Jolie right now… cut and run. ~Ann

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  4. Hilarious!
    Thanks for taking the time to visit, like and follow my blog “John Doe’s Psychoanalysis”.

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  5. He should have removed his brain. Or maybe he already has…OoO

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  6. Reblogged this on Angel 4 Light and commented:
    Here’s to Angelina Jolie the removal expert.

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  7. I should have done this years ago.

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  8. Don’t give Angelina Jolie any ideas, there is going to be nothing of her left.

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  9. just one more example of heartless reporting…

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  10. Such wonderful sarcasm! Just had to reblog it.

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  11. Lol well that will do it I guess! Was the heart replaced with some sort of diesel powered blood pump? Or there’s just an empty void of despair?

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  12. He seems pretty smart. He should start his own health newsletter.

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