Local emergency response unit breaks down


Harold Barnes, the driver of a local emergency response vehicle in a small Kentucky city, reported that his emergency response vehicle has broken down. Although Mr. Barnes was unaware, local sources reported that he operates the only emergency response vehicle in the vicinity.

When told that he operates the only response vehicle, Mr. Barnes stated, “Well shit…looks like I’m gonna be here a while.” The department of transportation stated that they plan on purchasing a new emergency response vehicle in 2017; however, Mr. Barnes is just going to have to “tough it out” until that vehicle can offer him assistance. Mr. Barnes told sources that he has a sleeping bag and some beef jerky though, so he should be ok.


Image: odot.org

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2 replies

  1. What’s that thing on top ? The base for a giant sling shot ?

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  2. This will save tax dollars. And in Kentucky, where everyone owns a gun and can handle their own problems, there will probably be no emergencies.

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