Poor communication leads to girls’ inability to coordinate outfits at gym

Sources reported that two girls displayed a “pretty pathetic” attempt at coordinating their gym attire. Sarah Adams and Monique Jimenez planned to look “super cute together,” but according to gym patrons, they “failed miserably.” Sarah stated that she was going to wear the tight pink tank top with super cute shorts and Monique was to wear the purple shirt with a cuddly puppy on it and form-fitting black yoga pants.

At some point, however, communication between the two failed. There was no cuddly puppy shirt and the various colors worn by the two girls did not compliment one another, which was described by gym patrons as a “haphazard attempt.” It was further reported that the spin cycle instructor would not let them sit together, as the combination of their outfits was “very displeasing to the eye.”

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  1. OMG. You’re so so so so so funny!

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  2. I was in this spin class..and can confirm they “totally” failed

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