Study shows toddlers act like little drunk adults, despite whether or not they are intoxicated

5188389A recent study demonstrated that toddlers act like little drunk adults, despite whether or not they are intoxicated. Dr. Scott Moore and colleagues from the Alcohol and Drug Research Institution had children, ages 2-6, play by themselves in a room.

Dr. Moore then put alcohol in their sippy cups and monitored their behavior. Both before and after consuming alcohol, the children tended to run around in circles, slur their words, and pass out in the middle of conversations.

Dr. Moore also reported that the type of alcohol was irrelevant; “It didn’t matter whether they drank beer, vodka, or just pure grain alcohol, all of them wound up running into a wall at some point.”

Image: “ Drunk baby meme blank” 

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  1. Agreed! The things that come out of there mouths when they are all confused and disoriented….like me accidentally being called Grandpa!

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  2. They’re born drunk. They don’t sober up until they’re 25.

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